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This website was once a place which provided an online bag store owned and operated by sellers of replica Chanel.

Pursuant to a legal action filed against the former owners of AK4BAGS.COM, and the Judgment and Injunction of a United States District Court, the owners of the online store were found by a Judge to have been selling replica Chanel. For authentic CHANEL, go to www.CHANEL.com.

CHANEL Handbag Not A Replica 34c

Mother's Day CHANEL Bags

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Are You Planning On Giving Mom A CHANEL Bag On Mother’s Day?

by , April 2, 2019

1/5 stars

When I decided to give my Mom a CHANEL bag for Mother's Day, I found myself gazing at a bunch of ads for cheap versions of the bag. But I knew there had to be something fishy about the stores that sell them at a 65% discount. Since I knew nothing about the bag business I was almost tempted to believe that overstocks, factory direct and warehouse outlet clearances just might explain the low price. But it turned out that was not the case.

The truth of the matter is that cheap discount stores actually offer to sell replica Chanel bags which usually originate from factories owned by criminal organizations. Selling fakes are a way for criminals to make profits which are eventually used to float other crimes. Some of those crimes are rather serious - terrorist plots, drug trafficking, and bank fraud being among them.

Know that on Mother's Day, my Mom will be getting a new CHANEL handbag from a CHANEL boutique, and not a replica from a discount store.

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Replica Chanel CC Sac Handbag 34c
$495.00 (In Stock)

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